Friday, October 28, 2011

Reading to Write

Right now I'm reading Oedipus Rex and tomorrow is The Metamorphosis.  Both of these were required reading in my college world literature course.  Both can be read in one day.  Neither of them is as easy reading as an article in People Magazine say.
The neat thing about reading the classics is that it can help you to look at your own writing in a new light.  If you run out of things to write about, set Hamlet in New York City or the midwest.  Hamlet himself probably came from the myth of Orestia.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


All right.  I'm trying NaNoWriMo.  It will only be a month, then I can spend the next 10-11 months editing what I have written.  It really should be called. NaRoDraWriMo for National Rough Draft Writing Month.
I am going to be more faithful in these blog posts.  I think I'm over the hump of my creativity.  It doesn't help that my computer has lost internet connectivity after a brief power outage 10 days ago.  I can still use the internet at the library every day except Sunday.
The working title of my novel is The Repeat:  or Mr. Maxwell's Metamorphosis.