Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rough Draft in Six Months

On this day of national tragedy, I happen to have been born 27 years ago.  I turned 28 when it happened.  You do the math and guess how old it is.

This also can be looked at as the birthday of my book.  I am not even attempting to blog this novel.  I'm trying the method of not telling too much about the novel itself to anyone else until I have finished the rough draft; then I will have at least one or two good friends help me edit it.

I plan, Lord willing, to write two pages a day for the next 180 days or 500 words minimum.  At the end of less than six months, I will have a full rough draft of 90,000 words or 360 double-spaced pages.

The title to my new novel for now is SirenSong.  I intend to write it as a sci-fi romance.  I may divulge more details in this blog as I progress with the drafting.  It all depends on whether or not it helps me at my writing.

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